Carah Medical Arts needs a community of people and organizations who perceive a need for the kind of health care offered by Carah Medical Arts and who are willing to support it in different ways, including economically. This kind of medicine is not sustainable within the insurance system. 

 We hope you will join us in this exciting new initiative!

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Patient members have access to two board-certified family physicians for office visits, phone calls, and after-hours phone availability without additional cost, and to significantly reduced prices for remedies and osteopathic manual therapy. Office visits for non-acute issues are between 25 and 85 minutes.

When signing up you commit to a membership of at least four months. After the initial four-month period your membership will automatically renew every month upon payment of the membership fee. Please note that, per IRS regulations, membership fees are currently not eligible as HSA/HRA expenses. Please note that our physicians are not in-network with any insurances. To make an informed decision about your joining, we recommend that you check with your health insurance to see if orders and prescriptions from physicians who are not in-network are covered and if you need referrals from an in-network primary care physician to have sub-specialist visits covered.

You can sign up as a Patient Member under the New Patients tab under "Join Us".

  • One-time enrollment fee: $50 per household

  • Standard membership fee per person: $75 per month / $900 per year

  • Reduced membership fee per person: $60 per month / $720 per year (available for people who cannot afford the standard membership fee)

  • Membership fee per child: $35 per month / $420 per year (available if another family member contributes at one of the membership levels above; for children age 19-26 who are full time students with financial need, this fee can also apply)

  • If the reduced membership fee is a financial hardship for you, you can apply for support through the Solidarity and Family Support Fund.

  • Supply fee for procedures like biopsies, laceration repair and injections: $5

  • Hourly rate for osteopathic manual therapy: $150 (vs. a local rate of $300)

Solidarity and Family Support Fund

A portion of all membership contributions at the levels described above is allocated to a Solidarity and Family Support Fund. In addition, the Solidarity and Family Support Fund receives donations from individuals and organizations wishing to support access to holistic primary care for low income individuals and families. Individuals and families who are unable to afford the reduced membership rate may apply for financial support through Carah Medical Arts’ Solidarity and Family Support Fund. Based on a case-by-case needs assessment, financial support of up to 100% is available. It is our goal to enable everyone interested in the care available at our clinic to become a Patient Member, regardless of ability to pay. However, availability of financial support is limited by the funds available in the Solidarity and Family Support Fund at any given time. You can download the Solidarity and Family Support Fund Application here. 

You may download a copy of our Patient Notice of Privacy Practices here.