Please sign up as a Patient Member using the link for your membership level below. Please sign up all household members who are joining by clicking "Add Adult" or "Add Child" on the online sign-up form rather than starting a new sign-up process for each family member. Please bear with us - there are several forms in order to create transparency and comply with regulations.

When signing up you commit to a membership of at least four months. After the initial four-month period your membership will automatically renew every month upon payment of the membership fee. Please note that, per IRS regulations, membership fees are currently not eligible as HSA/HRA expenses.

Please note that our physicians are not in-network with any insurances. To make an informed decision about your joining, we recommend that you check with your health insurance to see if orders and prescriptions from physicians who are not in-network are covered and if you need referrals from an in-network primary care physician to have sub-specialist visits covered.

If you have difficulties with the online sign-up process, you can download the paper version of the sign-up documents here. If you need further assistance, please call us at 484-920-3674.

If you have already signed up as a Patient Member and another member of your household wants to join as well, please download the paper sign-up documents here.

In the future we will offer consult appointments for patients who receive their primary care elsewhere. Only Patient Members will have access to primary care at Carah Medical Arts. 

You may download a copy of our Patient Notice of Privacy Practices here.