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What Food is Really Healthy? with Daphne Von Bach, M.D.

"What Food is Really Healthy?"
Two Part Nutrition Workshop:
2/8/19 7pm-8:30pm and 2/9/19 9am-5pm
At Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, Rose Hall

Understanding the processes of nature and the human being:
There is so much confusion about food. Should we stop eating milk or gluten? Should we stop eating carbohydrates or fats? How can we find out with confidence which are the truly healthy foods? Through the knowledge of the reason why we eat, we can get the key to understand food, independent from all the new fads which arise. The course will help you to get the key ideas and help you to judge for yourself.

The Friday evening talk is the introduction for the Saturday workshop. On Saturday, Dr. von Bach will explore sugar and grains, starch (noodle, white bread, potatoes), bread (rye sourdough and wheat yeast bread), different animal meats, milk (the life of a cow and the processing of the milk) and milk products from cream cheese to odorous cheese, soy, beans, lentils and mushrooms, oil and butter, margarine and frying fat, rapeseed oil, cream and sour cream and eggs.

Public fees:
Friday and Saturday 2/8/19 and 2/9/19: $45
Friday 2/8/19: $15

Carah Medical Arts patient member fees:
Friday and Saturday 2/8/19 and 2/9/19: $35
Friday 2/8/19: $10

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