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Compassionate Communication (two part workshop)

NVC (nonviolent communication) is both a spiritual practice  and a concrete set of skills.

"All that has been integrated into NVC has been known for centuries about consciousness, language, communication skills, and use of power that enable us to maintain a perspective of empathy for ourselves and others, even under trying conditions."
-- Marshall B. Rosenberg, Phd

Come, experience this simple yet powerfully transformative practice in two workshop sessions with Cara Graver at Carah Medical Arts, 500 Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA.

Part one: June 21, 2018, 7-9pm

Part two: June 28, 2018, 7-9pm

Limit: 20 participants

Cost: $50

Please register at

Cara Graver Bio:

Finding my way to NVC, Nonviolent Communication, began simply by being raised in the culture of communication based on blame, demand and manipulation, as most of us were. Our feelings tell us what we don't want but it is almost a secret to be discovered that those feelings are the doorway to getting what we do want.

My travels through life include cultivating my hidden inner artist as well as leading children and adults to discovering their own artistic selves. In 2005, a natural addition to teaching and making serving plates out of clay was to work with people around what went onto their plates, both literally and metaphorically. As a Holistic Health Coach, certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in conjunction with Teacher's College of Columbia University, I've been working with clients' relationships to life and food. Of the many insights that have become tools for self development, NVC stands out as what is most relevant to bringing us all (each) to wholeness.

Cara Graver,

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