Please book your appointment below. You can choose the appointment type and length that is right for you.

Please read these guidelines carefully.

Only Patient Members who have signed up already can book an appointments at this point. In the future, there will be a possibility for consulting patients who receive their primary care elsewhere.

Please set up a New Patient Member Visit even if you have seen Dr. Greer or Dr. Knauf previously at the Kimberton Clinic.

Please download and complete our New Patient Member Questionnaire for children or adults prior to your first appointment here:

Urgent Visits: Please only book these within 24 hours of the appointment so that they are available for people who need them. If your preferred physician does not have an opening for urgent appointments, please check the other doctor's availability. If you need an urgent appointment and none is available, please call 484-920-3674. Please call 911 for true medical emergencies. 

New Patient Member Visits: For more complex issues, choose 85 minutes. For less complex issues, choose 55 minutes. If you are setting up an appointment for your child, please consider if it is more helpful to have an initial 25 or 40 minute conversation between a parent and one of the physicians, followed by a 25 or 40 minute visit with the child in the office. If so, please choose the Phone Conversation option.

If you have difficulties with booking an appointment below, please click here or call 484-920-3674.